First Week Of Make Art That Sells - Bolt Fabric!

So first of all - this is the end product of an INTENSE week!  And before I go any further - it was GREAT!  If you're reading this and debating whether to do Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Course or not - then don't hesitate - DO IT! 
This is my design with two co-ordinates, intended for the bolt fabric market.  It's a vintage kitchen inspired piece and in doing it I've overcome a huge hurdle that I've been grappling with for a while - how to loosen up in Illustrator.  I love painting and I've longed to achieve free, sweeping brush-stroked effects in Illustrator but never made the time to sit and figure it out.  I worked in Photoshop (where it's possible to be far more painterly) for years but since changing to Illustrator I don't want to go back because the technical advantages of Illustrator are so great - particularly in terms of scale and colour changes.  I've been generally leaning towards this in my last few design groups but this brief gave me the perfect opportunity to explore this goal properly and find a solution.  Many vintage kitchen textiles beautifully combine flat, graphic, screen-printed colour with brush stroked, sketched mark-making.  I love the Vera prints because they do this to perfection.  
A vital part of the problem solving was the initial period of just sketching.  I always work straight into the computer as it's fast and this is the first time in forever that I've really enjoyed the freedom of painting and drawing then managed to translate that to Illustrator.
I feel like I made a giant leap forward this week.  I just cannot wait for next week! Have a look at all the sketches below - spot the bits that made it into the designs!