3rd Week - Make Art That Sells - Children's Book Illustration

So - this week was children's book illustration, something I've longed to do for years.  I've always thought I'd do it in a clean, graphic way in illustrator and have even played with ideas in the past.  But we were given a Russian folk tale to read and illustrate and there was such a sense of melancholy and nostalgia about it that I thought it needed to be soft and layered, almost dreamlike - like the magical Czechoslovakian films that would sometimes be shown on a rainy afternoon when I was little.  I thought the obvious way to achieve this would be with Photoshop layers.  As it turned out, there were 45 of them.  I thought my computer would just explode in my lap with the exertion.
I just loved this assignment - apart from that little boy's face which I drew about 50 times - and I sat for literally hours on the sofa, lost in this world I was building.
Of course at the end I had a million doubts - was it too sombre, was that little boy too much of a cliche, was that gold colour too dominant, the teal too dark?  I fiddled with the fine tuning for an entire day until I'd lost all perspective.  Ultimately though, I'd say this week was revelatory - it's led me to consider that maybe I could do this.  Maybe I could approach a publisher and say 'What about this?'
I didn't manage to sketch much this week as I had a freelance deadline but the ones I did do played a big role in the final piece.  Sorry about the poor quality photos!