They've Arrived!! - samples from my new 'Give Thanks" collection for a leading fabric manufacturer!

These samples arrived at the weekend.  I knew they were on their way but I didn't know how great they'd look!  The details are printed brilliantly and the colours are just singing!  I loved creating this group of designs - there were also turkeys, squirrels and pumpkins.  The rich autumnal colours were a bit of a departure for me (as were the turkeys) but these have ended up being some of my favourite designs from my own collection.
This is now my third group of fabrics produced by this well know manufacturer and if they'd let me, I shout their name from the rooftops!!
I've photographed them with some fuschia pink bougainvillea from my garden and my new 1970's paperweight because they set off the pinks and oranges in  the designs so beautifully.
The paper weight actually has an interesting (if sad)  story behind it - but I'll leave that for another blog post another day.