Mod Oasis!

And guess what Mod Oasis is!! It's the name of a collection of fabrics to be sold in Joann's fabric stores in the U.S.! And the proud designer! There are five designs in the collection, featuring elephants trumpeting floral bouquets, little birds sporting floral-patterned feathers, and butterflies fluttering between floral sprigs and clusters.
I am so pleased with the samples.  I received them last week and couldn't wait to open the package.  The colors are vibrant and sit really well together.  I'm tempted to chop them up and make cushion covers and whatever else I can think of as an excuse for having them on display... but no - I'll resist and keep them for my portfolio.  On the other hand, perhaps I should ask my talented Aunty Christine if she could make Isadora a blouse from just that pink one.  Maybe that orange one too (I'd try to do it myself but I'm scared it would be rubbish - I'm not the best at making clothes). Then I can photograph her wearing it!  Am going to have to design something for boys now and hope it sells so I can put Leo in it!