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Many of us artists are working from home these days, happy to avoid a commute or just be in the same room as our children while we work. But this usually involves spending a lot of time alone with very little feedback from the outside world. It's a colossal feat to remain enthusiastic every moment of the working day and very easy to become discouraged.

If you are feeling a little lacking in direction and would like someone with an experienced eye to review your artwork and offer you support and guidance, I would love to help you.

I'm offering one hour consultations via Skype. I would ask for a list of your key concerns beforehand and spend some time reviewing your body of artwork. That way we can focus on your specific artistic needs throughout our conversation.

Some topics you may like to discuss are;

identifying Your strengths and weaknesses and where to focus your attention

establishing and developing Your identity/style 

sourcing, building and implementing colour palettes

building groups and collections

sourcing trends

rounding out your portfolio to appeal to a broad client base

making A sharply focused plan for achieving your artistic goals

organizing your artwork professionally

Please click the link below to read testimonials from previous consultations.

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If you are a professional artist (currently working/building your portfolio) and think you'd benefit from a consultation, just fill out the form below to schedule an appointment. Please make sure to submit a link to your artwork and briefly outline your key concerns in the message box. All sessions will last for one hour. They will cost $150 and be payable via PayPal in advance of our call.  

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